Some of the games I’ve made for clients or for learning!

🎮  MegaByte: A quick platformer where you answer coding questions. Made for a Triplebyte marketing effort

🎮  Wing It - Online: Online version of the card-game "Wing It Beyond" for the game studio Flying Leap Games

🎮  Articulus: A sandbox physics game where you connect rediculous machines together

🎮  Infinite world web physics game: Messing around with 3D WebGL, car physics, and infinite world generation

🎮  WarmVector: Shooting bad guys, randomly generated levels, destructable terrain. Created with my own 2D Java game engine

🎮  Arc Dodger: Colorful arcs are comin', and they're comin' strong! This one’s addicting...

🎮  MineSweeper: Minesweeper game, built in React/TypeScript

🎮  Asteroids: Shoot those asteroids

🎮  Boingo Bug: Flappy bird but worse

🎮  Hit-Block-Die: Dodge those red things!